“Real Education is not just Superimposing all kind at data upon our brains from outside sources. Real Education is to bring out what is within us.”

Welcome to Subhash Public Senior Secondary School For the academic session 2018-19. We hope that you have enjoyed last year and eager to start the new academic year with many inspiring goals toward excellence.

We at Subhash Public Senior Secondary School are committed to provide “Excellence” opportunities and admiration for every child.Our School fraternity of parents, students, teachers and staff is as amazing group of dedicated individual who work together to create a positive environment for all to learn and grow. We are committed to create the school that provides rigorous standard based academic programme for all the students in a protective and nurturing environment.

Our School Calender & diary Contains all the information Pertaining to the functioning of the school rules and regulations and schedule of all events. These to be carried to school everyday. Parents are supposed to check the dairy regulary for any remark. When we dream alone it is only a dream but when many dreams together it is the beginning of a new reality. We are proud of our accomplishments and are looking forward to another successful year. I wish all the students and the staff a pleasant and memorable experience at our school campus & I would like to invite your attention as: If you salute your duty you needn’t to salute any body & if your pollute you duty your need to salute everybody.

Presently two schools are being run by the institute. I hope that all these schools above will earn good name in future not only in their areas but also in the Universe of Education.

I Congratulate the founder of the institute Mr. Naryan lal Kumawat, The President Mr. Jagdish Chandra Kumawat & the Secretory Mrs. Durga Devi Kumawat to run such a big institute successfully.